Week 15 – Top fitting

Top fitting

  • Finish fitting top to sides
  • Cut kerfing so braces fit flush town & top doesn’t rock
  • Glue round top of kerfing & fit soundboard
  • Screw down top plate to hold down


  • Cut groove for truss rod using adjustable centre router (can be done using router with parallel side bit.

Head Plate

  • Cut piece of redgum to use for head plate
    • Cut off piece the correct width on band saw
    • Cut fine slither (8mm) to use for plate
    • Sanded down on wire sander to 2.5mm thick
    • Glued after cutting one edge straight
    • Use blocks either side
    • 1mm overhang over nut

 Fret Board

  • Planed fret board on wire sander to 6.5mm thick
  • Cut one edge straight on flushing plane
  • Used triton table with template for fret slots to cut 23 slots in fretboard
    • Template attached with double sided tape (used too much tape, smaller single bits would have been better than one long bit)