Week 21 - Neck and Fretboard

Week 21 – Neck and Fretboard


Fret Board

Started shaping fret board curve. Needs to match curve radius of sanding block (14′)

  • Start by block planeing straight chamfers on either side of fretboard
  • Work back to centreline, but don’t take any height off centre
  • Once nearly at correct curve, sand with 80 then up to 180 to get smooth and curve
  • Mark centre line and punch centre holes for pearl inlay using 6mm drill
  • Glue inlays in place with super glue

 Neck fitting

  • Attach guitar to vacuum clamp and trace round dovetail jig with pen for the groove
  • Michael drilled out the bulk of the wood using a wide drill (but slipped and took a chunk off the front!)
  • Attached body to vacuum clamp again. Attached routing jig using two ‘c’ clamps in place
  • Router cut the inner dovetail join using large router. Start from centre then work way slowly to outer edges till router guide running on side of jig.
  • Measure location for bridge to under the saddle for scale length location
  • Tape temporary bridge in place at body
  • Tape 2 x 7mm thick blocks onto neck at nut and bottom of neck (for fretboard and fret height)
  • Temp put neck into socket and measure height along blocks to bridge with straight edge. Looking to be 4mm at bridge (for saddle height)
  • Use a sharp chisel to take off some of the bottom of neck block. It needs to match radius of sides at top but also have enough angle to make height 4mm.
  • Keep measuring till height is 4mm