Week 28 - Bridge and masking

Week 28 – Bridge and masking

  • Located bridge on body by measuring 645.2mm down from bottom of nu to bottom E string crossover point
  • Centred by laying straight edge down side of fretboard and measuring distance across to holes of both E strings. Once distance is the same, bridge is centred.
  • Make square with neck by using fret ruler laid centrally on neck to flat edge of bridge with end of ruler
  • Put masking tape in approximate position across bridge location
  • Clamped in place with bridge clamps through sound hole then drilled through E string pin holes with 2 drill bits to locate
  • Carefully score around bridge location with knife and remove around bridge
  • Masked up sound hole by gradually building up tape from the outer edges of sound hole till small hole left in centre. Placed final piece across hole.
  • Masked up fret board
    • Roll out strip of tape to length of fret board
    • Start at top and lay parallel to fret board on one side making sure frets are completely covered and there is no gap for lacquer to get into
    • Tape sown over each fret in turn starting from the top. Press down either side of fret as you go
    • Mask inside the nut slot at top of guitar neck
    • Screw a cup hook into bottom of guitar at join